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How SERP Analysis Can Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competition

If you’re just getting started with content marketing and haven’t got access to huge budgets, the most important thing to start off with is SERP analysis. Why? Because the lack of it is what cuts a lot of campaigns short. Most SEOs develop content strategies based on keyword research tools

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5 Messaging Techniques to Steal Your Competitors’ Customers

Stealing’s not cool, unless we’re talking about awesome techniques to steal your competitors’ customers and make the most of your marketing campaigns. Talking to your target audience is a fundamental aspect of any kind of marketing strategy. It allows you to understand the motives behind their buying decisions, and what

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The Psychology of Selling – 7 Tips From Marketing Psychology

Humans seek pleasure and avoid pain. Our brains are hard-wired with this basic autopilot function, but we aren’t so simple as the self-important copywriters and gurus would have us believe. That’s why we, as marketers, should use psychology of selling principles to appeal more to our target audience. While there

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B2B SEO Strategy Not Working? Here’s What To Do About It

It seems like there’s a new blog post every other day to explain the importance of a differentiated B2B SEO strategy, or how to optimize your site for an upcoming push toward personalization. All of these topics are important to keep in mind. But the truth is, not many people

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8 Ways to Use Copywriting and Building Trust With Your Customers

One of the most important business skills you can learn is building trust between you and your customers. Adding value through relationships is the foundation of creating trust with others. By building and leveraging trust, you will be able to sign customers easier, resulting in stronger, more profitable relationships. When

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