The “Alternative Page” Content Strategy – A Gateway To Conversions

alternative page strategy

Brands use the alternative page strategy to boost trust and “steal” clients from their competitors. Chances are you’ve seen tens of these pages and even bought some products because of them. There are 2 main reasons why founders may be reluctant of this strategy: They believe these pages trash-talk their competitors. This is FALSE. The … Read more

Youtube Case Study – Scaling From 2k Views per Year to 2.4k per Day, in One Month

Youtube Case Study - From 2000 views per year to 2400 per day

At the beginning of 2020, we took on the challenge of increasing the Kalari Lab’s YouTube channel. As you probably remember, that was when the worldwide lockdown started. In this case study, I will go over our Youtube optimization strategy that helped KalariLab scale from 2,000 views per year to over 2,400 views per day, … Read more

How We Generated a 9 Million Audience by Automating Pinterest SEO for an E-commerce Blog

Pinterest is an exploding channel for e-commerce companies and visual startups that can get you a ton of exposure and help build awareness. In 2019, Dan and I started a Pinterest account for Desige Decors, a blog dedicated to interior design. In 10 months, we went from 0 to over 893,000 engaged audience and 16M … Read more

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