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Work With Us

Your Chillital subscription in a nutshell

Goal – produce relevant, conversion-focused content for your target audience to increase your bottom line.

Process target specific pain points and unique keyword opportunities at each step of the funnel, focusing primarily on the bottom of the funnel.

Ideal customers  growing SaaS and startup companies that can demonstrate product-market fit (this means you already know who your audience is and you’ve already generated a good amount of sales from other channels, e.g., Google Ads, Facebook, or LinkedIn).

Measurement of success – you will receive a Google Data Studio dashboard tailored to your own goals, measuring traffic and conversions. If we know we can’t give you the results you want, we won’t take you on and will recommend someone who can.

What you’ll get from our content marketing subscription service

  • A complete content marketing strategy from start to finish as part of your marketing team;
  • Content that brings in qualified traffic that’s ready to buy;
  • Content promotion and distribution strategies to make sure that we don’t just sit around and wait for Google to rank your articles;
  • On-going conversion optimization strategies that help generate more leads from the content we produce monthly.

See our process.

Our pricing

Our standard service engagement is $3,500/month.

This includes everything you need to grow your business through content:

  • Customer research;
  • Content strategy;
  • 6 articles/month;
  • 72 targeted keywords/year;
  • Targeted link building through guest posting or PR;
  • Ongoing conversion optimization so you can generate more signups/leads/revenue through the content we publish.

We also offer an additional link-building service for businesses that want to grow faster. This optional service starts from $2,000 per month extra to our standard package and includes a minimum of 4 high-value links per month.

Your return on investment

  • Full dedication to your business. We only work with a few clients at a time, which means we focus all our efforts and time on your business. Think of us as your content marketing agency, but with the benefits of working with only two people as part of your in-house team – as you will work directly with the co-founders.
  • Less expensive than a full-time employee. The cost of our content marketing subscription is less expensive (both in terms of time and money) than hiring a full-time employee. You also won’t have to worry about hiring promotion strategists, link builders, or CROs. 
  • Getting started on day one. We have processes and frameworks in place, so we can get started immediately. 
  • A focus on leads and signups. Being CROs at heart, you will judge us by the leads we bring you rather than the amount of content we produce or the hours we put into promotion.
  • Work with T-shaped marketers. We both have 15 years of experience in marketing and tech. Although we are content and conversion optimization experts, we also dived into technical SEO, technical marketing, email, or landing page optimization. We can always chime in with a little bit of advice when you need it.

Still got questions? Check out the FAQ.

Meet the founders

Hi, I’m Maria-Cristina Muntean. I co-founded Chillital with Dan after years of working in the SEO industry and watching clients chase vanity metrics instead of what’s really important – driving new business and revenue.

Before diving into the world of marketing, I was producing films and writing scripts. I now blend creativity and analytics to develop content marketing strategies that are backed by data and intent. I love looking for ways to get more bang for your buck–and overall do more with less. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Hello, I’m Dan Cucolea. I’ve been doing digital marketing for seven years now. I used to do on-page SEO for a couple of years before I pivoted to CRO. After I gathered quite a bit of experience I took a leap of fate and co-founded Chillital.

I never thought I’d be a marketer. In fact, I studied engineering, then tried development, but none of these clicked. They say the third time’s the charm and it certainly was for me.

I got my first marketing job during college and felt like this is my true calling. I believe content marketing is 50% creativity and 50% data, a blend that generates results over and over again.

Work with us

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