Starting from:
1490 Monthly
  • Content Research
  • Content Planning
  • 4 Content Pieces

Content & Promotion

Starting from:
1990 Monthly
  • Everything in Content
  • Social Channel Research
  • Community Content Promotion
  • Distribution Plan
  • On Brand Messaging

Content & Promotion & Links

Starting from:
3490 Monthly
  • Everything in Content & Promotion
  • Minimum 4 Hand-Picked Links
  • Original Content for Each Link

We charge a one-time €1490 set-up fee for every tier during the first month.


What’s the setup fee for?

When we onboard you, we spend a month getting to know your business goals, your audience, and what they search for online.

Some of our research processes include:

  • Analyzing your target audience;
  • Looking into your long-term goals;
  • Performing original keyword research (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel keywords);
  • Analyzing your competitors and what keywords they’re ranking for already;
  • Combining all sets of keywords and determine topic clusters and pillar posts;
  • Creating a 90-day content calendar.

How do I know we’re a good fit?

We have deep expertise in SaaS, technology, and marketing and we work with startups at their growth stage. Before we even come up with a plan, our team gets together with your team and we ask about your goals and what your vision is.

We work with brands that understand the value of long-term content strategies and SEO. Ideally, you should be familiar with content marketing and SEO, but we can ease you into the process if you’re not!

Do you do paid ads as part of your promotions package?

Paid ads are not included in the above packages. If either of our teams consider that paid ads would be beneficial at some point, we can discuss this further.

Who will manage my project?

You will work directly with one of our co-founders and content marketing strategists. You will have a single point of contact throughout our entire engagement.

How do you quote projects?

We do not quote per word or per hour. We quote your project based on your business goals, competition, and the value we provide.

Why does your pricing say “starting from”?

Depending on the business goals, you might need or want a higher amount of content, added visuals, infographics, or certain case studies and ebooks. In this case, we can discuss further and tailor the package depending on your needs.

How do you measure results?

You’re probably here because you don’t want blog posts, but rather results – more leads, traffic, or users.

We create dashboards tailored to your own goals, which will show you where you were three months ago, and where you are after working with us. If we know we can’t give you the results you want, we won’t take you on and will recommend someone who can.

How fast will I get results?

We can’t guarantee n% increases for any business, we can only determine your ranking potential based on your industry, competitors, and for how long your website has been around.

For a new website, significant results might take up to 6 months. For established businesses with authority in their field, we might be able to generate results during the first three months.

How do we get started?

Let’s chat. We’ll meet on an informal call and get to know each other. If we agree to work together, we’ll send over our first invoice and agreement, and we can get started once everything is settled.

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